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One benefit of being in private practice for as long as I have been is that it becomes easy to see shortcuts to problem solving, develop teachable communication tools, and find understanding and meaning from internal chaos.

My training in the past two decades has been Jungian in spirit. Depth psychology, dreamwork, and the use of myth and story to deepen and broaden our understanding of the experience of being human.  By developing our inner ear so that we may more easily hear what is being asked of us by others, by situations and by life itself, we can use creativity and expression to evaporate and diminish those resistances and obstacles to the peace and happiness that we all seek.



Price $100

50-Minute Telephone Session

Working on the phone with a skilled therapist can give explicit anonymity, and you can call from anywhere.  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in 50 minutes!


Upon completion of the PayPal portion of the registration, I will receive an email with a first name and a phone number, and I will return your call within 72 hours to schedule your counseling session. 
(Currently USA only.)



Price $20

Single Group or Class Session

I offer single Lecture Series talks and training in a variety of venues.  This might cover Couple's Issues, Communication Training, Avoiding Relapse in Recovery, or Finding the Artist Within.  This will cover fees for one group training or class. Generally these are 1-2 hours in a class or group setting.



Price $70

Four Group/Classes: Saver Pack

When offering groups or series Lectures, I cover topics in more depth.  In a group setting you can quickly see that you are not alone. We can grow in containers that are safe; so, much attention is given to the concept of confidentiality and anonymity.  Groups can quickly create support system, and broaden your sense of belonging.  (To be used for specified groups as posted.  Use this and get $10 off the individual group rate!)



Price $100

Check-In: Single Life Coaching Session

Brainstorming, problem solving, challenging what you think you know about solutions.  Also great for a quick tune-up on situational issues or more intensive exploration on work from preceding groups or programs.


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Price $150

Quick Start: 2-Hour Intensive Session

This is a great way to get the ball rolling for you! It is enough time to lay out the situations, and find your direction, and move towards resolutions.  One or two of these and you are on your way.




Price $200

Advanced Start-Up: Three 50-Minute Sessions  Saver Pack: Buy Two, Get One Free!

When making changes, sometimes we cannot take in everything at one time and we need to sit with ourselves between strategy sessions. If this sounds like you, then this package is perfect for you!  You pay for two individual sessions and get one free!  (Must be used within 4 weeks.)



Price $800

Motivated: 10 Sessions
Saver Pack: Buy Eight, Get TWO Free!

In-Depth career and/or life changes, personal crisis, transitions with grief, longer-term support and obstacle challenging work.  This can also serve as support to development of creative development, such as writing, fitness start-up or fine art.  Get those TWO extra sessions for free with this pack. (Must be used within 12 weeks.)

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B.Misty Wycoff, M.A.
. Life Coach .


Serving Clients In San Luis Obispo County, California

San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay/Los Osos, Cayucos/Cambria, and the
Five-Cities area of Arroyo Grande, Avila Beach, Nipomo, Oceano, Pismo Beach









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